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  • Sure we made the bed, but we're still staying here all day. We're gonna sit on the bed for a second to not disturb it and then dive right back into that ever-perfect, wrinkle-free comforter. We're only human. ๐Ÿ› // Design by @getspacedout of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @seanlitchfield. Link in bio for home tour.
  • Why hide your amazing porcelain collection (including white cow creamer), or your adorable cutest baby ever under a bushel? See them both in this chic, yet family-friendly, NYC home. Link in bio for ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป and new tour. // Design by @emmaberyl of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @tofuwife.
  • Starting to think of our 2018 resolutions. First one is to have an earthy and relaxed set up like this. Second is learn to perfectly roast a chicken. Third is learn to juggle. Fourth is to win an EGOT. Some are more plausible than others. ๐Ÿ† // Design by @louisaroeder of #HomepolishNYC for @lisabubbers + photo by @seanlitchfield.
  • Activities that could happen or perhaps have already happened in this space: A 'Game of Thrones' themed-dinner party, wine tasting, mini yogilates class, little kid's birthday party, adult's birthday party, pajama parties, parties of any and all sort, a dance-off, a swing dance-off, swinging from the chandelier, regular cooking and eating and acting civilized. Sign us up for at least 5 of those things. // Design by @jaejoo_ of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @nickglimenakis. Link in bio for tour.
  • Scenes from a week well-lived: Kicked-off heels, a half-devoured glass of wine, and a spacious L-shaped sofa that could accommodate all your friends and colleagues to decompress. Link in bio for the rest of this space. // Design by @emmaberyl of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @tofuwife.
  • True Life: My home is so dreamy that my significant other moved in. Link in bio for the juicy details. // Design by @crystalsinclairdesigns of #HomepolishNY + photo by @seth_caplan.
  • At our Fringe Festival, itโ€™s just dramatic monologues about how much we love throw pillows with fringe. โ€œTo buy a new pillow or not buy a new pillow. That is not even a question. Whether โ€™tis nobler in the mind to suffer the occasional scrapes and arrows of additional ornament or to take arms against an un-adorned sofa.โ€ // Link in bio for our newest home tour, designed by @talirothdesigns of #HomepolishNYC + photographed by @claireesparros.
  • Living our best lives... horizontally. Don't be jealous; there's room for everyone. Link in bio for more #snugglespace. // Design by @talirothdesigns of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @claireesparros.
  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall, is this the chicest, most eclectic LA bungalow of them all? You can also ask resident and actress @amandacrew, or our partner and design guru @mrorlandosoria. Or you can click the link in our bio to see for yourself if you're too shy. // Photo by @tessaneustadt.